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In Mayan culture the sun was the symbol of life itself, and symbolized a warming of our ideas, and the creation of life itself. 4. The Jaguar. The Jaguar to the Mayan, was a symbol of power, and rule. The Jaguar God ruled over the Mayan underground at night, and during the day enters the skies and watch over us.

Download maya symbol font with regular style. Download free fonts for Mac, Windows and Linux.This font was posted on 10 May 2015 and is called "Maya Symbol" font. This font is in the regular style. You can find over 79363 other regular fonts on Fontsup. Aztec symbol for moon, elegant cursive fonts for tattoos,… Aztec symbol for moon,angel wing tattoos on back of neck,crucifix rosary bead tattoos,getting a tattoo in the summer - Try Out. admin, 16.09.2014. Mayan HeiroglyphsMayan hieroglyphic writing is made up of symbols that represent whole words (logographs) or syllables consisting of consonant-vowel pairs... Maya (@mayamoon.s) • Фото и видео в Instagram

Apr 10, 2016 · They meticulously recorded the movement of Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars etc., to form astronomical recordings to be used by shamans and elder ones for divination and astrological purpose. With the Mayan calendar, it consisted of 18 months of 20 days, instead of our usual 12 of 28-31 days.

Oct 27, 2012 · Kayab: June 11th to June 30th Meaning: Turtle, Moon Goddess, One God Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Kayab sign have a natural affinity for the moon and spiritual endeavors. You most likely find yourself searching for the deeper meaning in everyday occurrences. Maya moon goddess - Wikipedia The traditional Mayas generally assume the moon to be female, and the moon's phases are accordingly conceived as the stages of a woman's life. The Maya moon goddess wields great influence in many areas. Being in the image of a woman, she is associated with sexuality and procreation, fertility and growth, not only of human beings, but also of Ix Chel - Mayan Goddess(es) of the Moon, Fertility and Death Ix Chel (sometimes spelled Ixchel) is, according to longstanding archaeological tradition, the Mayan moon goddess, one of the most important and ancient of Maya deities, connected to fertility and procreation. Her name Ix Chel has been translated as “Lady Rainbow”, or as “She of the Pale Face”, an allusion to the moon's surface. Your Mayan Signs | Calculate Them Here Calculate your Mayan Tzolkin Signs easily using our calculator. The Mayan Tzolkin signs are calculated using your birth date, with 260 different combinations what will your sign be?.

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Mayan Astrology - Lunar Cafe Mayan astrology bears little relation to astrology as we know it. Whereas western astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, Mayan astrology is based on many things. Right down to the color socks your Dad was wearing when… we’re just kidding. Here’s a brief introduction to Mayan astrology and how it works. Image used under CC BY-NC license. Hunab Ku - Ancient Symbols The Hunab Ku is an ancient Mayan symbol that is said to represent the Supreme God or the One Being, with ‘Hunab’ meaning ‘one state of being’ and ‘Ku’ meaning ‘God.’ It encompasses all opposites in the universe and unites them as one: male and female, dark and light, yin, and yang, conscious and unconscious, internal and ... The Mayan Zodiac Symbols and Names - Conscious Reminder The Mayan Zodiac Symbols is an astrology system created by the ancient Mayans that is based in astronomical calculations. The Mayan astrology signs above have been overlaid with the traditional zodiac to show their correlation. Sun and Moon Tattoo Meanings | Custom Tattoo Design